Sunday, March 11, 2012

What the?!!!!

So, I was just going through my posts and I realized I have only posted twice in almost 2 weeks and they were both PYHO. What is up with that. Guess I have failed BIG time with my 30 day challenge, right?  What a slacker!
I have been spending so much time reading and posting on other blogs I didn't even realize (until now) that I was neglecting mine! Guess I will have to get you caught up on what has been going on and I guess this might be a long one, sorry.

*On Tuesday (last week) the kids had a choir concert. Prince Krusher plays percussion in the Jr. High band, so they were invited to preform in a few songs with the choir.
                                     Prince Krusher playing the
                                               "shaker" thing                        

                               Prince Krusher taking break between

He always does so good. At the program they did in December, I didn't take my camera and I was sooo mad. The choir sang the song, "Little Drummer Boy"  
(I don't think that is the actual name) anyway, he played the "drummer" part for that song. I couldn't believe it! When the program was over I asked him why he didn't tell us he had a "solo?" He told me it was cause it was no big deal! HELLO, it was a big deal to me!

*Wait til you see what I have decided to do with these:

It is probably not going  to be anything really major, just something springing. I am so ready for Spring and I am needing some color. So on Saturday I went to the  dollar store and got the baskets, flowers and the floral foam. I got the eggs at wally-world and the paint I already had from some previous projects I had done.

*So this was supposed to be my weekend (week) away. I go to Las Vegas this time every year to (for the past 9 years) the NASCAR race. I usually leave on a Wednesday and come back on Monday (today). This year I sold my tickets and stayed home. I really thought it was going to be hard, but it really wasn't. I stayed home all weekend, but got a lot of things accomplished. So, that was good.

Well, there is my catch up. Check back tomorrow and maybe I will have the baskets and flowers figured out and put together.      
Til we meet again! Pam