Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a Week!

First, I would just like to say, thanks for comments and welcome to my new friends I am meeting. I am sooo glad you are here and hope you will be here for a long while. I promise I will try to do more than just be depressing all the time. at least after this morning, lol! 
*Now before I officially start my post, I decided to give my kidos "names" instead of just numbers, its much easier for me to remember who I am talking about (and hopefully) easier for you, too.
Daughter #1 will now be Princess Daughter, that is what she calls herself anyway (22 special needs), son #1 will now be  Prince Kenard,  and son #2 will be Prince Krusher, that is his screen name for his games, and daughter #2 will be Princess Shaney, because that is what I always call her anyway!

*On now to my crappy week. I took Princess Daughter & Miss Shaney to the doctor on Monday,  Princess Daughter for follow up from er visit the day before (here) & Miss Shaney because she didn't feel good. Miss Shaney had strep. Then on Wednesday, Miss Shaney went back to school and Prince Krusher was home and to the doctor; also strep. On Thursday, I got up feeling like my eye was going to explode!  Yesterday was even worse. So I call and cancelled Princess Daughter's appointment with the cardiologist and got me a doctor appointment. No strep for me. Just a sinus infection and pink eye! How the crap did I get pink eye?!!! The kidos don't have it, just me, figures. So, everybody is on antibiotics!

*Do you want to know what the most depressing part about my doctor visit was? Not the fact that I have pink eye; nope! I was the part when I had to get on the scale; yep, that was it! I thought what the hell?!! I have never weighed that much, except when I was pregnant! So, that comes back to the, that is what you get for sitting on your ass for the past 2 years and not doing anything!!! Oh, I do somethings, just not much; I clean the house (sometimes), I wash my car (sometimes). But I don't go to physical therapy, workout, hardly do any photography, go grocery shopping or cook.
So, with today being Saturday, I have decided, today is the day to take back my life!!! Why put it off any longer? Get off your ass, NOW and do something!

Hope everyone has a great day and I will check in later and let you know how things went.
Til we meet again! Pam

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PYHO- I Want My Life BACK !

As I was reading through some of the other posts, this morning and then reading some of their past posts on their blogs, I came across one (here) that really stuck with me and decided this is my Pour Your Heart Out post. First, I am a new blogger and have no followers. Sometimes I think I just blog to vent and no one wants to deal with that on a daily basis. So, I am just learning, so bare with me.
I check in here every week, but have never posted; until now. I am still not sure if I want to do this, but we all need somewhere to turn once in a while.
I used to be happy. I want to be happy again. But I know that the only way to do that is to take my life back! Start doing what I need to do to make me happy and stop worrying about everyone else and their feelings and their wants. I am the only one who will always be here for me. I have to stop counting on everyone else and start counting on myself. I sit in this house, depressed, thinking what is wrong with me? I will tell you, get off your ass and get a life. Stop dwelling on the bad and start focusing on the good, because it is there, You just need to clean it off and get it back! Then my ahah moment hit me! There are many opened doors, but you will not find them if you are just hiding out and not looking for them. They are not just going to jump open because you them to. And just because there is an open door, doesn't mean it is your open door. What open door is right for one person is not necessarily the right open door for you.
So get off your ass and go find the opened door that is right for you! You might have to go through that door alone or you might be lucky enough to find that person who shares that same open door to walk through it beside you and share the journey together. But, you will never know until you find that door.
Hope to see you all soon. And thanks for letting me PYHO!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

This is my Valentine's Day post. Valentine's Day sucks! I really don't understand the big deal about this day. I look at it as just another day, nothing special. It used to be but now just another day. The hubs told me once, "isn't better that I do things for you when I want to and it isn't expected instead of on days when I have to do it?" Well, yah! But that never happens either. So, I just look at it as just another day.
I guess that if people knew our history, they would think that every day is special and I should be happy with what I have. I don't see it that way. I guess that over the years you start finding out little things and find out the real reasons somebody married you, your attitude kind of changes about how you look at things and what you want in life.
Well, I hope if you celebrate Valentine's Day, you had a great one. And if you are like me and you could care less, I hope you still had a great day!
Til we meet again!

Totally Insane Couple of Days!

Have had a lot going on yesterday and today. On Saturday, daughter #1 complained all day she didn't feel good. As the late afternoon/evening went on, she told me her whole body hurt. At around 9 pm, I gave her one regular Tylenol and sent her to bed. The other kids had gone to there dad's house so I told the hubs I was sleeping in one of the other beds so I could be closer to her if she needed me.
At about 5 am yesterday morning, she got up to get a drink of water, she went in the kitchen and came back to go to the bathroom. I was just laying in bed waiting for her to go to go back to her room when all of a sudden I heard this huge thud! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. The door was closed and I had to push it open to get in. She was on the floor leaning up against the wall behind the door, out cold! I shook her and she came to. She was white as a ghost and clammy. I helped her up and into the other room and had her lay down on the floor, I went back in to yell at the hubs to come help me. When the hubs got upstairs, I told him what happened and that I needed to take her to the hospital. He went and got the car started, I got dressed and found her some shoes to wear and then he helped me get her to the car.
When we got to the er, it was nice, we were the only ones there (so we didn't have to wait). They took her into a room, the first thing they did was an ekg. Then they drew some blood and got her some juice to drink. While we were waiting for the doctor to come in, the nurse had me fill out a medical history form. It took about a half hour-45 minutes to get results. The doctor came in and asked me if I had filled out the medical history form, I told him yes and that the nurse had given it to him, oh, yah, he said. Then he left the room. He came back and said everything looked good she was just dehydrated. They did a bag of iv fluid and sent us home.
This morning I called our doctor and got her in to see him. When we got there, I told him what had happened the day before and he asked me what the er had done. I told him drew blood & iv fluids. He said, "no ekg?" me: Oh yah, they did that. doc: what were the results on everything? me: normal I guess, they said labs were normal, but nothing about the ekg, so I assume it was normal.
So, he had his nurse get all the results from the hospital and he went and seen another patient. About 10 minutes later, he came in and said, "none of these tests are normal!" The ekg she had showed a "borderline" problem that could have been the cause of her passing out. So, he wanted a second opinion and called and got her an appointment with a cardiologist for Friday morning! And her blood work had a couple of things that he didn't like.
So, that is how my weekend went and now I don't dare leave her alone. I sleep in her room, I check on her every 5 minutes when she is in the tub. I really hope the cardiologist can tell us something good on Friday when we see him.
Hope you all had a good weekend and come back soon.
Til we meet again!