Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Can't Believe He is Gone!

As I sat yesterday watching the evening news, I (as were many millions of people) stunned & shocked on the death of 
Robin Williams.
I grew up on Happy Days and then Mork and Mindy.  I watched his 
career grow as I grew up. There were so many, many amazing films 
that he was apart of. As I was thinking of some of my favorites, 
Good Morning Vietnam came quickly to mind. Another at the top of my list was Patch Adams.
Princess Shaney came home from being with friends and was talking to me about it and asked who he was. Knowing she knew who he was, I was surprised that she asked who he was. I told her he played Mrs. Doubtfire, she sat there repeating that title over and over, trying to recall the movie. When, at the same time we both said Jumanji!
When she asked me how he died, I told her, suicide. She was shocked! Which then surprised me since she had struggle so much last year with the same thing. She still struggles, but has been getting the help she needs and is doing a lot better.
Today, as I watch news shows and look at Facebook, it just shows how much he was loved by millions of people from around the world and all walks of life. * I changed from our local news station to ESPN to see if there were any updates on some sports things, the guys on ESPN were even talking about Robin Williams!
*The most important thing we need to learn from this tragedy is,
DEPRESSION is a real illness and it is time to do something about it. We have lost way too many good people to this disease and it needs to stop and it needs to stop now!
As we were watching a local news show tonight, they talked about depression and suicide ( this local station does this every couple of months), Mr. Hubs asked, with him being so famous, do you think this will turn into an ongoing awareness, like with Magic Johnson and AIDS? I told him yes! I sure as hell hope it does!! If anything can bring more awareness to suicide, this is it!!
I just hope it will.
Til We Meet Again! Pam