Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keep Your Kids Close-Part 2

For those just joining, you can read Part-1 here

On Monday (April 8) I took Princess Shaney to the doctor. He put her on
anti-anxiety meds. So she has only been on them just over a week. They seem to be helping.
The next day, we had counseling and then had to go to the Jr. High to meet with the principle. I was not excited about that meeting at all. I have always had bad feelings towards this principle and I just knew it was going to be the same old crap with her.
We went in, met with her for about 45 minutes. As we got in the hall to leave, I told Princess Shaney, I think that went rather well. Princess Shaney: me too.
Me: I think I might kind of like her. Princess Shaney: me too.
We had discussed all of Princess' things she is struggling with and all the anxiety issues. We talked about a few options we had for school and the one we decided on is that Princess S will go to school only 1/2 a day. She will do her core classes. So, she does 2 classes then, lunch then, 2 more classes, and then be done for the day.
*I didn't realize how bad her anxiety was until last Wednesday. She wanted me to go to school with her and be with her for the day. We got there before a class got out. We went to her locker to get her notebook. As we were standing there, the bell rang for class to be over; I thought she was going to cry. All the students wondering the hall, she grabs my arm and starts telling me she can't breath. I just told her relax, I'm right here and everything will be fine. Just take slow breaths and we will just walk to your class. After that she was a little better. Once we got in her class and there wasn't so many kids, she seemed to relax a lot more and did much better.Thursday, my niece went with her and she did very good. I think it wore her out, because she didn't go on Friday.
*She actually hasn't been to school at all this week. I think we are going to have to try and make some more changes with that. She refuses to go unless my niece or I can go with her and neither one have been able to this week.
*Last night a different friend emailed me and told me Princess Shaney was now cutting her hips & thighs so that I couldn't see it. She happened to be in the shower at that moment, so I went in and asked her to show me her legs and she told me no. So, I grabbed the shower curtain and pulled it open. Both legs had cuts all over them, above the knees. I couldn't believe it!
 I went outside and called my mom, and talked to her and cried, a lot.
We talked about how if I could get through what I gone through with Princess Daughter, (you can see that here). I told her that was easier, because I had support. Even though Princess Daughter's dad was an ass, he was there. I just don't like having to deal with this alone. She doesn't want her dad involved (and neither do I. And Mr. Hubs is no help what so ever. After I calmed down, I came in the house and told Princess Shaney that I would like to talk to her. She said she didn't want to talk and then proceeded to started texting people. I told her, if you can't talk to me, you can't talk to anyone. And I took her  phone from her and locked it in the gun cabinet.
*Later in the evening, I finally got her to talk to me. We talked, laughed and cried. We didn't get too far, but at least she talked to me and now, hopefully, it has opened up some lines of communication and the most important thing, has started to build some trust.

Until we meet again! Pam

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