Monday, May 13, 2013

Crazy Couple of Weeks

It has been very crazy in our little world the past few weeks. And that is why I have been M.I.A.

*On April 27, some kids that go to school with Princess Shaney, were hit by a car
about a half mile from our house. They were playing chicken in the rural area we live in. The speed limit on the road they were on is 55 mph with no lighting at all and it was 9:30 at night. It was about a group of 10 kids (all 13 & 14) 4 were hit. 2 had minor leg injuries and were treated and released at the hospital. A 13 y/o boy was life-flighted to a children's hospital in Salt Lake City. The other was a 13 y/o girl who was also life-flighted to the children's hospital and was taken off life-support the next day. It was a very hard time for all the kids when they returned to school on Monday. And then that Thursday was the funeral for the girl that had passed away.

*On Saturday, May 4, my niece got married. It was very nice to have some happy around since the previous week had so sad.

*On Sunday, the 5th, we celebrated my nephew's first birthday. His b-day was the 4th, but with the wedding, we postponed a day. He DIDN'T like playing in the cake at all. He is one of those that cannot stand to get dirty.

 But, his niece loved it and got good practice for her first birthday at the end of the month.

*I have also been so sick for the past week. I was really afraid I was getting bronchitis, since Prince Kanard had it a couple of weeks ago. I went to the doctor on Monday but, it was just a bad cold and a sinus infection. So I am on antibiotics.

*I have also been trying to work in the garden and get some things done it the yard, I only wish I had done some before pictures of the yard before we started working on it, because it has changed big time! I might have to check the other computer to see if there is any on there and get them posted.
Hope everyone has had a better week than I have, but I plan on them getting better.
Until We Meet Again! Pam