Saturday, January 11, 2014


Last night I was reading through my list of blogs that I follow, when I came across this title that jumped out at me, Are we going to be okay? that I had to go right to it and read it. Then, this morning, I had to share on Facebook.
As I started reading it, I felt like I had been punched in the gut. So many memories of what we have been going through for the past 10 months. All I could think is, Oh my gosh! this is my child!
I know I have said this time and again, and I will keep saying it until I'm blue in the face if that is what it takes to save at least 1 child out there. If you see major changes in your child don't assume that it is just normal teenage stuff.
We need to know what is going on with our kids. Don't assume that things are
fine and nothing is wrong. That is what I did. I never thought that I would have a child who would attempt suicide, let alone attempt twice.
There is so much out there these days and a lot of peer pressure.
*This has turned into a sadder post than what I had planned.
Princess Shaney called me about 1:00 this afternoon and asked me if I knew what was going on in the town her dad lives in, I told her no, why? One of the girls that she was with, her mom called and said, stay off Facebook,there is some stuff going on up here that I want to tell you about, but I don't have all the info yet. When I get it, I will let you know.
Come to find out, one of their friends had committed suicide. She was Jr. in High School and very beautiful.
Princess Shaney didn't know her real well, but she had hung out with her a couple of times. I tried to talk to P. Shaney, but she just wants to be with her friends and stay with them the rest of the night. So, that is what I will let her do.
I am adding links to some pages that have very good information, warning signs, where too get help, how to help your kids who have been affected by suicide.
I have also added a link at the top of my home page for the suicide prevention life line.

SAVE-Suicide Awareness Voices of Education-

Nation Suicide Prevention Lifeline-

KidsHealth-About Teen Suicide- 

I will update more on the recent suicide after Princess Shaney comes home tomorrow.

Til We Meet Again! Pam

Friday, January 10, 2014


So, my favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. I have always loved that show.
I love it so much, that I dvr all the old shows they show on the Lifetime
Network and watch them over and over.
Well, last week, I took Princess Shaney to get her hair done and our stylist was
telling me how much she loves Grey's too. Well I mean who doesn't love Grey's?
Then she goes on to tell me how all episodes are on Netflix.
Princess Ash has a Playstation 3, a Wii, and a Nintendo Gamecube. She is
always wanting to put one in the front room. The other day I told her she could
put the Wii in there. BIG Mistake. B-i-g, b-i-g mistake. Now all I do is sit
in front of the t.v. and watch rerun episodes of Grey's Anatomy. And then you
wonder why I live in a P-I-G-STY house. Grey's Anatomy is only part of the
reason I live in the pig sty.
The other reasons I live in a pig sty are:

1- I hurt. Ever since the car accident (almost 4 years ago), I just hurt all the

2-My depression. Again, since the car accident, my depression has gotten so
   much worse than it was before.

3-I have so much stress in my life, which come right back to the hurting and depression

4-Overwhelmed. There is just so much crap in this house that I am so overwhelmed with all of it and have no clue where to start. And I have lazy kids. which brings me to #5

5-I'm L-a-z-y

It's not that I like living this way, because I don't. I pin all the organize pins and I follow blogs
about organization. I start doing what they suggest and do it the way they say, but I guess I don't
follow them the right way. Because it always looks worse than it did before I started. So then,
#4- so overwhelmed! And no one ever helps.

What are your secrets for not living in a pig-sty?
Til We Meet Again! Pam

Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Pictures

So, I have been getting out of the house a little bit. I dropped
Princess Shaney off at school at about 7:50 this morning and I
didn't come home until about 9:15.
I have gotten (back) in the habit of taking my camera with me every time I
go in the car. And I had a lot of fun this morning.
I love it when it has been (or is) foggy. All the crystals on everything.
So, these are the pictures I did this morning.
                                        Barbed wire hanging on a fence

                                  Weeds smashed down by the snow

                                          Cows in a field

                                        Fence Post

I have been having fun getting back out and doing pictures again. I just need to do it more. So it's good that I have set this as one of my goals for the new year.
I also did these ones at my house after I came home from doing the ones above.

                               These are some leaves on a branch
                               on a small tree that is in an old shed
                                at our house.

                                 More leave by our garden

                                         Leaves on our plum tree

I have only done a couple of things on my list of goals; getting out of
the house and doing some pictures. I have not started on this pig sty
of a house yet, But that will be in the next couple of days.

Til We Meet Again! Pam

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5

Have had a good day, today. Got out of the house for a while. Did
some pictures and realized, I have got to get out and practice doing
pictures a lot more, cuz I am really slacking off on doing a job worth
being proud of. I can't believe how much I have forgotten not doing
them on a daily basis (weekly, or monthly basis). 
Anyway, I decided to go for a ride around the lake and see what I could find.
didn't find much. Then I decided to take the long way home. We live in a
rural area with a lot of old run down houses and farm stuff. So, I found this
one house and stopped to take some pictures of it.

While I was taking pictures of this, I looked up in those trees and saw this:

                                                       Bald Eagle

Which I need a a bigger lens so I can get better pics when I can't get close
After these, I went down to another section by the lake and took these:

Then, I came home and watched my Packers get beat by Mr. Hubs 49ers.
Sad time.
So that was my  Sunday. How was your's?
Til We Meet Again! Pam