Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Chose to Live

For those of you who have followed some of my posts, you know that I have struggled a lot with depression, marriage issues, low self esteem, self pity, etc. I have talked about my struggles and that I am going to take back my life. I have talked about taking back my life for months and have not done a damn thing to take back control.

I don't have a clue what happened over the weekend. But something snapped and it is like my whole outlook just changed. I started cleaning, I mean deep cleaning. I was so sick of all the crap in this house. We live in King Hubs "family" home. So, there is stuff here that has been here I have no idea how many years. All of his brothers, sisters and nephew's crap at our house (inside & out). In the 10 years that I have been here, they have come and cleaned some of up. But there is still quite a bit.
So, things that have been in the house, I had King Hubs tell me what belonged to which person, boxed it up and put their name on the boxes and called them to come get it or I would get rid of it.
All my decorations that have been in card board boxes and put them in rubber maid containers and put them on the shelves where they go, instead of just leaving them in boxes on the floor.

I have started doing crafts (again) that I have found on Pinterest and have wanted to try. I guess saying "started doing crafts" is an understatement; on Monday, I had three different projects started! Yesterday, I started and finished a totally different one and I am still working on the other 3!

 I know things are going to take time and I am not going to get better over night. But this is a great start. It is amazing how much better you feel when you just get off you butt and start doing things. I haven't been able to go anywhere, because
Prince Kenard has been taking my car to school every day. I guess it is a good thing that the projects I have been doing, I have used things that I have had laying around the house.

I am feeling better and slowly starting to like myself again, because I chose to live and I want to be better for me and for my kids!

Hope everyone has a great day!
Til we meet again! Pam

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Projects Started

I have been having a lot of fun the past couple of days! Remember how I told you
that I was getting addicted to Pinterest? Well, It is getting insane!
I found an idea that I thought was cool here. I thought, I have empty frames, ribbon, left over paint and a few other things. But, I don't want Christmas y things. So, this was my project.
I had plain black frames, and spray paint, ribbon, and flowers. 

So, first I took the black frame; (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of
the frame).

Then I spray painted it with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Satin in Pistachio

After I spray painted it, I took a foam brush and just drug it over the fresh paint to  get the streaks so some of the black frame showed through.
Next, I took some silk flowers
  and bunched them together with floral tape.

After, I added them to the frame and put two nails in the back and smashed them down with a hammer to hold the flowers in place. I then took the ribbon and glued it around the frame (for a hanger) to hang on the door.

                                     This is hanging on my front door.

                                    This is just leaning on my fireplace

So, there is my first "Pinterest" project. Not bad if I do say so my self.
What is your favorite Pinterest project?
Have a great day!
Til we meet again! Pam

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh, MY! Pinterest?

So, I have had a pretty good weekend! Have been very busy, until today. Today I was very lazy!
I used to read blogs about being "addicted" to Pinterest. I would think, how do you get addicted to Pinterest? OMG! I found out last night, how you get "addicted." I started looking through it last night and doing some pins. But, today, I got on and I spent 4 hours on there!! Are you kidding me? Then I have been back on there. It is totally crazy! But it has been a lot of fun and I have found many projects that I want to work on.
Yesterday, while I was cleaning, I found a couple of boxes of stuff that we got from King Hubs' mother's house when she passed away a couple of years ago.

                               There are vases, champagne glasses,
                               candle stick holders, glasses, bowls.
                               And this is just 1 box.

I cannot wait til I can start trying some of the ideas I found on Pinterest! I am so excited to start working on some new things.
Til we meet again! Pam