Saturday, January 19, 2013

Busy, busy

I thought I had better check in since I haven't for a week or so and I said I  was going to every day.
I have been having so much fun the since the last time we talked.

*Finally got Princess Shaney back into school. She has been such a brat about school and so far she is liking being back with all her friends. Hopefully it will last and we won't have to go through all the crap we have been going through the past 8 months.

*Wednesday night, I was right in the middle of giving Prince Krusher a haircut, all the sudden the power went out. You know sometimes it flickers before it goes out, oh no, it was just gone. I started screaming and having a fit. Princess Daughter got the flashlight, stood in the bathroom doorway shining the light on Prince Krusher's head and telling me I could now continue with the haircut!!! She is so damn cute!

*I have been busy, busy doing crochet projects and have a good ol' time doing them. Now I just need to get them together so I can post pictures for all of you to see.
 Well, that is all for now. If anything more is accomplished today, I will post again later.
Til we meet again! Pam