Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Month of New Year

Can you believe that in 5 days the first month of the new year will be over?!
Holy crap! It seems like 2014 just started a day or 2 ago and the first month
is over. How crazy is that?
It has actually been a good month. I have accomplished many things. I even started on the pig sty! Woot,woot!
We have had some tough days, but also so some good days.
I have gotten out and done pictures, spent time with Princess Shaney, and have worked some 
on the pig sty. All in all, I would said, it has been a pretty good month, considering all the
other things that have gone on this month.

I do have big plans for the upcoming month:
1-I will be working on different types of photography;
    night photography, portraits, and still landscape.

2-I will continue to work on the house and get it cleaned
   and organized.

3-Prince Kenard will be turning the big 21 next week!

4-There are some other things I will start working on
   this month, but I am keeping them under wraps, for now.

How has your first month of the New Year turned out?

Til We Meet Again! Pam