Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Day!

Today was a pretty good day! Although it didn't start out very good, I was up at 4:30 this morning! I have no idea why I do that. It's Saturday, nobody has to get up for anything and I am up at 4:30 in the freakin' morning!
But I did get a couple of hours of real nice quiet time. Had my coffee, played on the computer, just enjoyed the quiet; I don't get that very often so I take it when I can, even if it is at 4:30 on a Saturday morning.
So, I did get off my butt today, but not until people started waking up this morning. Got the dishes done, had oldest boy move some things around for me, went out and played with the dogs for a little while. All in all, it was a pretty good day and I do feel much better.
I have a question, Why do men feel the need they have to scream at the t.v. when watching sports? I like to watch the games and listen to some of the commentators, depending on what sport I am watching. But seriously, can you shut the freak up!!! And why do they know every flipping sport that is on & exactly what channel it is on? My hubs watches every sport that is on t.v. I think he just does it to irritate me. I mean, we have been together 10 years and I don't ever remember him watching so many sports; he would watch the usual sports, Basketball, football, baseball, golf. but now its like, if it is a "sport" he is watching it. I was doing some stuff on my laptop the other day and just kind of tuning out the t.v. I looked up to see what he was watching and he was watching swimming! Seriously? Swimming? Are the Olympics on? Can you not find anything else to watch; 350 channels and all you can find to watch is swimming? It must be an age thing. But then again, if there are not sports on, then he is watching old westerns. Now, just to make it clear, I don't mind the old westerns, but his choice of "old westerns" and my choice are completely different. I mean, I like to know who the actors are in movies I am watching, no matter how old the movie is. But when he starts watching movies that are older than him (there is a 12 year age difference between us) its like, come on, please; I don't know any of these people! I love John Wayne movies, Gunsmoke, the old Jimmy Stewart movies.
Well, there is my "venting" for the day. I think I am about ready for bed, it has been a very long day! Hope you all have a great night. I think tomorrow I might try to get out and do some pictures, so make sure you continue to check back
Til we meet again!
How did I miss a day? I missed Thursday. Messed up my 30 day challenge already!
Guess I will have to add an extra day.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Changing My Ways

I have decided that I am getting way too lazy and I really need to get a freaking life! Have you heard that saying "A body in motion, stays in motion?" Well, I have become a firm believer in that. I know that when I get off my lazy butt, I feel much better that when I just sit and do nothing, especially when I sit & do nothing for days on end. I went to the doctor in November and he wanted me to start going back to physical therapy and to start having massages and I have not even made appointments for either one.
I told my mom that this depression (from all the pain) is really kicking my butt. I know I feel 60% better when I am doing things, but it has just been so hard to make myself do things. So, I have decided some MAJOR changes need to be made in my life. But I am just going to start with the smaller changes first.
So, this is my plan; I have decided that since I am doing this 30 day blog challenge, I am going to set a couple of more challenges for me to be working on at the same time. So, my other 30 day challenges are going to be,
1- getting up and doing more things; dishes, vacuuming, get out of the house, working on some of my sewing projects that I haven't got finished.
2-try and get out at least twice a week (for now, will increase later) to do some pictures. Right now, I don't care what kind of pictures they are, I am just going to do them. It will be much easier to do pictures after next week & I will have to do them  , because I start my new photography class on Thursday. So, there will be no more excuses for not doing pictures.
Well, today was just a short one. But, I had to make public what my plans are so that I have to do it!
Any way, hope you all have a great rest of the day!
Til we meet again!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4

Can, I just say that I can't believe that I have made it four whole days!!! It has been hard, but I am doing it and I think it will just easier as we go.
In November, I got me a new lens for my camera. It is a 55mm with a f/1.8. I took a photography class last year from a local photographer Gayle Vehar ( She taught us what all the settings are on the camera, the right way to adjust the settings. I have had my camera for 5 years, and she taught me things about my camera that I never knew. Anyway, she has this same lens for her camera. I emailed her after I got my lens to tell her I had got it. She told me, "put it on your camera and leave it on for 30 days so you can learn how to use it and have fun with it." So, guess what? That lens has been on my camera since the middle of November and I have probably done 50 photos in that amount of time. Seriously?! I have gotten very lazy! I used to pack my camera with me everywhere that I went. I always made sure that I got out at least once a week (if not more) to do just pictures and nothing else. I would go everywhere, up the canyon, to Sundance, out around the lake. If I was too busy to actually drive somewhere, I would just go out to my field, just so I had gotten out to do some pictures.
I did do some of my niece, but I made them come to my house and just worked with what I had.
                                                      Little Miss Madison

I have so much trouble with lighting. Gayle taught us about that, too but I still can't figure it out. I think that is mainly because I just want to rush through it, instead of slowing down and working on it to figure it out. So, in February, I am taking another class at the high school, this one is all on lighting and nothing else. Hopefully, then I will be able to figure it out and start getting it right.
I guess that is all for today. I hope you all have a great time and continue to visit.
Til we meet again!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SNOW! Finally!

Today, this is what we woke up to! Ah, finally! 

This is from my front porch, looking to my nieghbor's

We haven't had hardly any snow this year. So, when it finally started snowing yesterday afternoon, we were all so excited, except for the hubs. He hates when it snows.
The hubs works at a local school district and when it snows, he has to go "play" in the snow and have the schools ready for students the next morning. So, last night he left about 11:30 and got home a little after 4 this morning. Just as he was dosing off, I rolled over and smacked him and said, "oh my gosh! Happy birthday!" He's like seriously, you woke me up for that? I said, yah, I might forget later.
So, he turned the big 58 today! That is just so crazy! Where he worked last night & didn't get much sleep, we didn't celebrate, we don't celebrate our birthdays cause they are just another day, but we do celebrate the kids' birthdays. So, we just hung out at home and had dinner and going to bed early!
Speaking of dinner, the oldest boy cooked!!! I had started dinner & was doing dishes while the hamburger was browning, and he came in and finished it! It was just sloppy joe's, but he cooked it! It's hard to get him to do much, especially cooking. But he did it and I didn't even have to ask him! He just kind of surprises me some times!
Well, that is about all for today. Talk soon!
Til we meet again!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Life

For those of you that don't personally know me, I thought that I would give you a little info on who I am and what my life is about.
I am the third child of 7. 1 older sister, 1 older brother, 1 younger, sister, 3 younger brothers. I have lived in Utah all of my life.
I am a mother of 4. Oldest daughter will be 23 in June. She was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed 1lb. 4oz, and was 13 inches long. She is hearing/visually impaired and has an IQ of 28. Oldest son will be 19 in February. Second son, will be 15 in June. He is in the 9th grade and plays just about any musical instrument he can get his hands on. Youngest daughter will be 13 in March, but thinks she is 25. She is in the 7th grade. She loves to sing, dance, and is quite the "drama queen". The hubs & I will be celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary in June.
I am a very huge NASCAR fan. I go to Las Vegas every year for the race there. This year I will not be going. Have had a hard time with money and I just sold my tickets a couple of weeks ago. It made me cry to sell them. That is my away time. I usually leave on the Wednesday before the race and come home the day after the race, Wednesday-Monday. No kids, hubs, or stress; just me and my niece.
I am a "wanna be" photographer. I was attending online classes working on my Bachelor in Photography and had to withdraw after my car accident 18 months ago. Now, I just try to do photos when I can and feel up to going out. I still have a lot of pain (from the accident) and a lot of depression, so I never want to get out much.  That is why I am working on my blog. I am hoping that getting my thoughts & feelings out, will make me start feeling better and wanting to take back my life. I already want my life back, but I also know that it will never be back to exactly how it was before my accident; but I am not ready to give up completely either.
So, this is me! I thought that I would share some insight that is not included in the "about me" section of my  blog, so when I mention kids or hubs you will kind of have some background on them and not just me. Some days (but I hope not many), might be a little depressing with my entries but just bare with me and let me vent.
Sorry if I repeated some things from yesterday, I will try to get better with not doing that.
Have a great day!
Til we meet again!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

30 Day Challenge

I have been very lazy the past few months, not just with my blog but also with my life. 18 months ago, I was in a car accident; someone ran a stop sign and totaled his and my vehicles. I have had so many problems since then, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am getting to the point where life just sucks and now I have decided it is time to fix me.
As I was scrolling through facebook the other day, I came across a post from, on
Tim King's 30 day blog challenge. Not only did he explain why he was do the 30 challenge, but on day 2 he explained the 5 secret reasons to keep your blog updated.
So, on this day, I have committed to take the 30 day challenge myself. I started my blog in July of 2011 and I only posted once a week. As you can see, I have absolutely no followers, as of yet. That will soon be changing, though. I plan on making a facebook page for my bog and also adding a link on my personal facebook page.
I hope you come a long for my 30 days (and beyond). Hopefully I will become more comfortable writing and expressing my self .
Please also check out some of the blogs I follow. I hope you all enjoy the ride.
Til we meet again!