Friday, January 27, 2012

Changing My Ways

I have decided that I am getting way too lazy and I really need to get a freaking life! Have you heard that saying "A body in motion, stays in motion?" Well, I have become a firm believer in that. I know that when I get off my lazy butt, I feel much better that when I just sit and do nothing, especially when I sit & do nothing for days on end. I went to the doctor in November and he wanted me to start going back to physical therapy and to start having massages and I have not even made appointments for either one.
I told my mom that this depression (from all the pain) is really kicking my butt. I know I feel 60% better when I am doing things, but it has just been so hard to make myself do things. So, I have decided some MAJOR changes need to be made in my life. But I am just going to start with the smaller changes first.
So, this is my plan; I have decided that since I am doing this 30 day blog challenge, I am going to set a couple of more challenges for me to be working on at the same time. So, my other 30 day challenges are going to be,
1- getting up and doing more things; dishes, vacuuming, get out of the house, working on some of my sewing projects that I haven't got finished.
2-try and get out at least twice a week (for now, will increase later) to do some pictures. Right now, I don't care what kind of pictures they are, I am just going to do them. It will be much easier to do pictures after next week & I will have to do them  , because I start my new photography class on Thursday. So, there will be no more excuses for not doing pictures.
Well, today was just a short one. But, I had to make public what my plans are so that I have to do it!
Any way, hope you all have a great rest of the day!
Til we meet again!

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