Monday, January 7, 2013

Can I just say how glad I am that the weekend and today are over.
I just seemed like nothing could go right.

*Saturday night I took Princess Shaney to hang out with some of her friends. I decided to take my camera with me, because I haven't done that for a while. After I dropped her off, I went and picked up Prince Krusher from his dad's house so he could go hang out with some friends. Now the thing about Prince Krusher is, when he goes to his friends' house, he needs to take all his Xbox stuff with him. So, when we got to his friends house he asked me to take the Xbox home, I told him I would if he would put it on the front seat so that I wouldn't forget it in the car. I got home and got the Xbox off the front seat and took it in the house.

*Sunday, I was having my morning coffee and sitting outside on the porch doing my other bad habit and watching the sunrise. I was sitting there (freezing my butt off) thinking that would be a cool picture. That's when it hit me; it had been in the minus degrees during the night and I left my freaking camera in the car!
Later in the day, I decided I really needed to put some air in my tires because my tire pressure light had been on for a while. So, I went to the gas station and proceeded to put air in my tires. I was on the last tire, I put air in and then put the air gauge in to see where I had the pressure, I must of had a little too much air in, because instead of just the end popping out to show you the air pressure, the damn thing came SHOOTING out the end and pieces went everywhere!

*Today, I went out to start my car so I could go to my mom's and hang out for the day and the stupid thing would not start. Like I said before it has been in the negative degrees here during the nights for the past week or two. I just figured that is what the problem was. But oh no, it couldn't be that easy instead, I had to spend $100 and buy a new battery for my car. Now it is running just great!

Well, there is my update on the crappy weekend. Hope you all had a better weekend and hope you have a great week!
Til we meet again! Pam