Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4

Can, I just say that I can't believe that I have made it four whole days!!! It has been hard, but I am doing it and I think it will just easier as we go.
In November, I got me a new lens for my camera. It is a 55mm with a f/1.8. I took a photography class last year from a local photographer Gayle Vehar ( She taught us what all the settings are on the camera, the right way to adjust the settings. I have had my camera for 5 years, and she taught me things about my camera that I never knew. Anyway, she has this same lens for her camera. I emailed her after I got my lens to tell her I had got it. She told me, "put it on your camera and leave it on for 30 days so you can learn how to use it and have fun with it." So, guess what? That lens has been on my camera since the middle of November and I have probably done 50 photos in that amount of time. Seriously?! I have gotten very lazy! I used to pack my camera with me everywhere that I went. I always made sure that I got out at least once a week (if not more) to do just pictures and nothing else. I would go everywhere, up the canyon, to Sundance, out around the lake. If I was too busy to actually drive somewhere, I would just go out to my field, just so I had gotten out to do some pictures.
I did do some of my niece, but I made them come to my house and just worked with what I had.
                                                      Little Miss Madison

I have so much trouble with lighting. Gayle taught us about that, too but I still can't figure it out. I think that is mainly because I just want to rush through it, instead of slowing down and working on it to figure it out. So, in February, I am taking another class at the high school, this one is all on lighting and nothing else. Hopefully, then I will be able to figure it out and start getting it right.
I guess that is all for today. I hope you all have a great time and continue to visit.
Til we meet again!

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