Monday, January 23, 2012

My Life

For those of you that don't personally know me, I thought that I would give you a little info on who I am and what my life is about.
I am the third child of 7. 1 older sister, 1 older brother, 1 younger, sister, 3 younger brothers. I have lived in Utah all of my life.
I am a mother of 4. Oldest daughter will be 23 in June. She was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed 1lb. 4oz, and was 13 inches long. She is hearing/visually impaired and has an IQ of 28. Oldest son will be 19 in February. Second son, will be 15 in June. He is in the 9th grade and plays just about any musical instrument he can get his hands on. Youngest daughter will be 13 in March, but thinks she is 25. She is in the 7th grade. She loves to sing, dance, and is quite the "drama queen". The hubs & I will be celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary in June.
I am a very huge NASCAR fan. I go to Las Vegas every year for the race there. This year I will not be going. Have had a hard time with money and I just sold my tickets a couple of weeks ago. It made me cry to sell them. That is my away time. I usually leave on the Wednesday before the race and come home the day after the race, Wednesday-Monday. No kids, hubs, or stress; just me and my niece.
I am a "wanna be" photographer. I was attending online classes working on my Bachelor in Photography and had to withdraw after my car accident 18 months ago. Now, I just try to do photos when I can and feel up to going out. I still have a lot of pain (from the accident) and a lot of depression, so I never want to get out much.  That is why I am working on my blog. I am hoping that getting my thoughts & feelings out, will make me start feeling better and wanting to take back my life. I already want my life back, but I also know that it will never be back to exactly how it was before my accident; but I am not ready to give up completely either.
So, this is me! I thought that I would share some insight that is not included in the "about me" section of my  blog, so when I mention kids or hubs you will kind of have some background on them and not just me. Some days (but I hope not many), might be a little depressing with my entries but just bare with me and let me vent.
Sorry if I repeated some things from yesterday, I will try to get better with not doing that.
Have a great day!
Til we meet again!

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