Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a Week!

First, I would just like to say, thanks for comments and welcome to my new friends I am meeting. I am sooo glad you are here and hope you will be here for a long while. I promise I will try to do more than just be depressing all the time. at least after this morning, lol! 
*Now before I officially start my post, I decided to give my kidos "names" instead of just numbers, its much easier for me to remember who I am talking about (and hopefully) easier for you, too.
Daughter #1 will now be Princess Daughter, that is what she calls herself anyway (22 special needs), son #1 will now be  Prince Kenard,  and son #2 will be Prince Krusher, that is his screen name for his games, and daughter #2 will be Princess Shaney, because that is what I always call her anyway!

*On now to my crappy week. I took Princess Daughter & Miss Shaney to the doctor on Monday,  Princess Daughter for follow up from er visit the day before (here) & Miss Shaney because she didn't feel good. Miss Shaney had strep. Then on Wednesday, Miss Shaney went back to school and Prince Krusher was home and to the doctor; also strep. On Thursday, I got up feeling like my eye was going to explode!  Yesterday was even worse. So I call and cancelled Princess Daughter's appointment with the cardiologist and got me a doctor appointment. No strep for me. Just a sinus infection and pink eye! How the crap did I get pink eye?!!! The kidos don't have it, just me, figures. So, everybody is on antibiotics!

*Do you want to know what the most depressing part about my doctor visit was? Not the fact that I have pink eye; nope! I was the part when I had to get on the scale; yep, that was it! I thought what the hell?!! I have never weighed that much, except when I was pregnant! So, that comes back to the, that is what you get for sitting on your ass for the past 2 years and not doing anything!!! Oh, I do somethings, just not much; I clean the house (sometimes), I wash my car (sometimes). But I don't go to physical therapy, workout, hardly do any photography, go grocery shopping or cook.
So, with today being Saturday, I have decided, today is the day to take back my life!!! Why put it off any longer? Get off your ass, NOW and do something!

Hope everyone has a great day and I will check in later and let you know how things went.
Til we meet again! Pam

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