Friday, February 24, 2012

Will I EVER Get Better?

This has been a crappy week! I went to the doctor last week and was put on antibiotics, I am not any better, just worse. So I called my doctor today and went in and got a shot of antibiotics. My butt hurts, so I hope I will start feeling better soon. I have not wanted to do anything and getting on computer just makes my eyes (pink eye & sinus infection) hurt soooo bad.

I have decided I am so sick of all my family drama! I have a sister who will be a new mom, a grandma and turn 41 all in the same month. Which I just think is totally insane! Her daughter who is pregnant turned 21 in December and she is not even mature enough to be having a baby and it just makes me sick. She lives with her grandma ( my mom). She has a stupid job (but it is a job) and she only makes about $1000/month. But, she doesn't pay rent or have a car payment, no bills at all. She texted me last Friday to see if I would barrow her some money cause she needed a new bra. Seriously? I can't live on what we make every month. I told my mom about it and asked her what was up with that, mom said, she has no money, she has spent everything she has made since she started working. That is probably close to $5000. I just about died! I mean, the first 1000 or 2 was before she found out she was pregnant, but 3000 in 3 months with NO bills?! She has bought a few baby things, but really nothing. She hasn't got a crib or car seat or even a bassinet. My brother's wife gave her about 4 boxes of clothes (from 0-12 months). We just keep telling her she needs to grow up and start being responsible. She just has no clue, she just thinks its all going to be just hunky-dory. 
 She has decided that she is going to quit her job next month, which everyone is just having a fit about. I told her today, she should keep her job and when she has the baby (in May) she can bring her to me to put her to bed and she can go home and sleep til it is time for work, then go home after work and sleep some more and then come get the baby after she has slept for a while after work. 
Prince Kenard just about died when he heard me tell her that I would keep the baby at night. A baby?! Seriously, we don't need a baby in this house!
Who knows what is going to happen, I just hope everything can get worked out. I am afraid she is really going to mess up and be alone with this. Her mom can't deal with the stress, she is having some issues with her pregnancy, my parents are getting tired of the crap. Hell they are in their mid 70s and should not have to be dealing with this. I told my sister today that I am afraid that the way every one is ragging on her that she is just going to take off and we will never see the baby.
Well that is my fun week. I will keep you up to date on this one.
Hope everyone has a good night.
Til we meet again! Pam

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