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Keeping Your Kids Close-Part 3


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This will be the last installment in this series for a while.

*On Friday, I was playing on the computer when Princess Shaney's friend called me. She told me that Princess Shaney had text her and told her to call me because she was scared. She was scared because she had taken 6 of her pain pills and she was starting to get tired and didn't feel good.
When we arrived at the hospital (I called on our way there to let them know we were coming) we were met right at the door and taken right in. They did labs right off the bat, hooked her up to monitors and started I.V. fluids.
She was very lucky that she didn't have to go through all the other stuff. The doctor told me that the amount of the certain meds she had taken wasn't enough to have any toxic effects on her and that all they would do is make her drowsy and sick to her stomach. So, she didn't have to get her stomach pumped or have charcoal. After being there about 5 hours, they transported her to a treatment center, where she continues to be now.

*With her being admitted on Friday night, I have seen her everyday. The normal visiting hours are Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. But, with Father's Day being this weekend, they added that as a visiting day. Then on Tuesday, I had a session with her and the counselor and then yesterday was normal visiting. But the hard part will be, not seeing each other again until Saturday, because that will be the next visiting day.

*Meeting with the counselor on Tuesday, I have learned a few things about the signs that were there, that I thought were just normal teenager girl things. The mood swings, the agitation, the loss of appetite. It all just fits in with the teenage girl hormone thing. So, you need to be able to have enough trust between both of you to talk and if you can't talk, make sure you get them into counseling.

*Yesterday after I came home from visiting Princess Shaney, her counselor called and they are sending her home tomorrow! Talk about anxiety! I think I might need to go to the doctor and get some anxiety meds. Just about every time I same something about her coming home tomorrow, I start having panic attics. I hope that once she gets home, they will stop...if not, I will call my doctor on Saturday.

*They don't tel the kids when they are coming home until it is time to go home. So she called me today and she told me she had a really good night and that she didn't have any of her anxiety meds at all yesterday, just her anti-depressants. Then she told me that she thinks it will be Saturday when she gets to come home. It was so hard for me not to tell her that it is tomorrow! I am so excited!

*So, we have done all the things that they wanted me to do before she comes home. Needed to get an appointment with her primary care physician, that is set for Monday. An appointment with a counselor, that is tomorrow after she is released. I had a family meeting with Mr. Hubs & the Princes and told them that their meds needed to be put in their rooms, also their razors needed to be there also. That they needed to quit teasing so much and more trying to get along. Hopefully things can get much better. And we can all get through this.

*I want you all to know, talk to your kids. Have relationships with them that they will always feel comfortable to be able to talk to you about anything and everything. And when you think it is just teenage things, talk to them and make sure that is all it really is and if they can't or won't talk to you, find someone they will talk to.
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  1. I'm sorry your family is having to go through this. xo