Saturday, November 2, 2013

She just drives me crazy!

Why does she do these things?
 Prince Kanard is in his High School marching band. They were going to state
championship this weekend.
Since competition is 3 1/2 hours from our town, I told Princess Shaney that we
would go down. I got us a room for 2 nights, and it was just going to be a trip for
me and her to spend some time together and do some bonding.
On Tuesday, she was sick and didn't go to school. I told her that she needed to go
to school on Wednesday and Thursday or she wouldn't be able to go. Well, she didn't
go on Wednesday.
When we went to counseling that day, I was livid and just fuming about the whole thing.
I told the counselor how she doesn't care about anyone or anything, but herself. Princess
Shaney told me to go and take Mr. Hubs, I told her I couldn't do that because I can't trust
you to stay home! She's like Wow! really mom? I was shocked when the counselor asked
her if she had given me any reason to trust her.  I told her that I can't trust her when I am
home, how am I supposed to trust her when I'm gone for 2 days.
Anyway, ended up staying home. Our school took state in 1A division! And I turned into
a done playing games mom!  We'll just see how long I can stick to it.
Until We Meet Again, Pam

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