Thursday, July 14, 2011

House Makeover

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you have all had a great week. Mine has been busy, trying to figure out all this blog stuff, trying to finish projects I have been working on and get my house put back together. The past couple of months I have been repainting rooms and having new carpet put in. So, I decided I would share some projects that I have been working on.

The first one is my oldest daughter's dresser. I have had this dresser for 25-30 years. Since I was painting the girls' bedroom, I didn't want to put the same UGLY stuff back in, but I really didn't want to go buy new stuff. That's how I got started "reusing" and this was my very first project!

                                                       Here she is Before, just pretty ordinary

So, I took her all apart and sanded her down. I think I used 60 grit on her. At that time, I was doing everything by hand, yuk! Then I just used what I had on hand. to prime her, I used Kilz brush on primer.
So, after using the brush & roller for the primer, I used 150 grit to sand her a little to get the smoothness instead of  the brush and roller lines. Next, I had some black spray paint. So, I put a couple of coats of that on her. Sorry the pic is not very good, but you get the jist of it.

I was feeling pretty crazy this day. So, after letting her dry for around 5-6 hours, I got out the yellow spray paint, oooooo. Gave her some Krylon Sun Yellow just enough to cover some of the black.

I found a can of  Krylon Peekaboo Blue. Guess what I did next? Yep, Peekaboo Blue over the yellow & black. Did 1 coat of that and made sure every thing was covered, didn't want any other colors showing through. Sorry, didn't do pics with the blue. I was still learning. Any who, I let the blue dry for about 24 hours. Then I got out my trusty sanding block, I used (I think) a 60 grit. Wanted to get through the layers. I just distressed it, until I liked the way it looked. After I was happy with the distressed look, I took a damp cloth and wiped her all down good to get all the dust off. I then gave her a couple of coats of spray on  Lacquer. I let it dry about an hour in between coats. And voila, her she is. Again, sorry about the pics, I took them once I got her in the house and all back together, instead of doing pics outside.


Now, the hardware. I found some stuff under the kitchen cupboard, (it looked like it had been there 20+ years, I've only been here 9) Anyway, I sprayed it on the handles and got all the painted flowers and that off of them.

After I got everything off of them, I washed them in some warm soapy water, then towel dried them. I then primed them and let them dry an hour. I sprayed with the black spray paint. I only let that dry about 10 minutes. The I go the peekaboo blue and sprayed over the black. While the peekaboo was still wet, I took a clean rag and wiped them off. And here they are finished.

So, there is my first "reuse" project! hope you liked it. I  have learned a lot easier ways to do things since I did this project. I will share those with you tomorrow when I post the project I just finished.


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