Friday, March 23, 2012

Week in Review

This week has actually been pretty good!

*Monday was Princess Shaney's 13th birthday!

                                Princess Shaney (self-portrait)

 I cannot believe that my baby is 13! She likes Chuk-a-rama (a buffet restaurant), so we went there for dinner.
On the Saturday before her birthday, her dad took her and some of her friends roller-skating. So, that was her party.
Remember all those times you swore you would never be like your mother? Well, that ALL changes when you have a teenage daughter! She was getting ready to go to her friend's house the other day. She came in the kitchen to tell me goodbye; I opened my mouth to say something to her and after I did, I cringed! I opened my mouth and spoke, but that wasn't my words or my voice; it was my mother's! I had to look around before I realized it really was me that said, you are not leaving this house wearing that! Go put a different shirt on or stay home! 
*Wednesday, I went out (on our property) and did some pictures it was a lot of fun! Then I came in and downloaded them onto my computer, and every single one of them were so blurry, I deleted all of them. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. So, I took my camera all apart and cleaned everything and put it all back together.
*Thursday, I decided it was time to go play with my "baby." He his going to be 2 in June and I thought it is time to start really working with him. Since I am now home schooling Princess Shaney,  she also went out with me to play with her "baby."
                                               My baby

                                Princess Shaney's Baby (my babies mom)

So, that was the second time I had the bridle on him. He has been so good!
After I got done playing with horses yesterday, I came in and was just beat. I told King Hubs that I was going to go to town (to my weight loss place). So, I got showered and drove 30 miles, got weighed, (that sucked!), got my B12 shot and got me some yummy protein bars. I told them I was going to start coming in every week and get back on track with this. I felt so much better!
*I went out to play with the horses today. It was kind of windy (and they were kind of jumpy) so we just brushed them and then turned them back out.
When I was getting read to go outside, I grabbed my camera and looked at the lens. I figured out why my pictures were so blurry the other day, the lens had been switched to manual focus instead of  auto focus. Guess my blond is coming through.
Kings Hubs has been home from work for 4 days. He hurt his back and could hardly walk. It is always so much fun when he is home for that long, NOT!
Now the kids have all gone with their dad for the weekend, yay!

Sorry this was such a long post (I'm making up for all the days I missed, hehe).
OH, I got a new (hair) do on Monday! I am so luvin it! I will post pics of that another day. Hope you all had a great week!
Til we meet again! Pam

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