Thursday, June 13, 2013

Completing More Project

Can I just say how much fun I have been having! Some days have been crappy! But others have been totally great!

I have been working on some kind of project every single day! Whether it has been reclaiming projects, cleaning out crap to get rid of that belong to my princes and princesses, going to yard sales to get more things for projects or my recent totally super fun insane project. After this project was finished, the next day I didn't think I would ever be able to move again.

I had my dad bring me his small tiller. I dug up all of my flowers, had a bag of nutri-mulch, tilled it all into the ground and replanted all of my flowers. Let me explain this insanity reasoning to you.
Every year I have Mr. Hubs till up the whole flower bed and every year I plant flowers right along the edge and nothing ever goes in the rest of the bed. So the dirt where I plant every year, is good and my plants do great, but the rest of the bed is just like clay. I planted my plants just like the say to be planted and in the type of light area they say they need, and they just start drying up and dying.
After I got the stuff all tilled in, I started digging holes to start replanting the plants, going down the depth of the shovel, it was still just like I had never tilled anything into it. I mean, the first 3-4 inches of dirt was awesome! But anything deeper than that was crap! So each hole I dug with the shovel, I put about an inch of nutri-mulch in the hole and then "tilled" it in with the shovel. Because this flower bed was pretty much starting brand new, I ended up spending close to $1500 on just flowers! So I wanted them to survive. Finally, most of them are doing very good! I will try and post pictures as they bloom and fill in.
My only problem is keeping the cats out!!! The smaller flower bed I used chicken wire and that has worked really well at keeping them out. But where this one is so much bigger and has so many more plants, I decided chicken wire might be too hard to work with.

I have been to LOTS a few yard sales the past couple of months and I have been having so much fun!! This little guy I picked up for 5 bucks!!! Isn't he just darling?

 We have this junk pile out in the yard I am trying to get cleaned up. I found this little treasure in it a couple of weeks ago. I told Mr. Hubs, do not throw this away! He asked me what I was going to do with it and I told him it's going to be a planter to put somewhere. I didn't know what I was going to do with it for sure, until I found the bike!
I bought some yellow & green spray paint, cleaned up the step-stool and painted it.

The paint job wasn't very good, but that is what I was going for. I haven't put a clear coat on her yet because I want the weather to help with the rusting of the paint and adding character.
After she got her paint job, I planted her and put her in her new home!

There they are!!! I love it!

Hope you all have a great day!
Til We Meet Again! Pam

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