Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Summer Project

I have lived in this house for 12 years; which means there are 12 years of pictures on my computer. And guess what? I do not have 1 "before" picture of my yard!! Guess that tells you something about my yard. I was not very proud, excited, about my yard. But that is all changing! I am getting so excited about my yard!
Mr. Hubs was not very excited when I told him what I was going to start doing. He never is very excited when I start telling him about changes I am going to start making around the house, he's not real big on change, especially when it comes to the family home. But now that he has been seeing the changes and the things I have been doing, he is getting excited about it.

*These are my Iris. When the snow was finally all melted, I went to the ex-Mr. Hubs house and dug up a bunch of his mom's Iris, brought them home. They sat in the box that I brought them home in for 2-3 days and then Mr. Hubs and I planted them. Again, he was not very excited about the project. I was sooo shocked when he came in a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I had seen our Iris. I told him no, so he drug me right out there to look at them. I was shocked!

I have Iris that I transplanted from my mom's about 5 years ago and this is only the second year that they have bloomed. So, I was defiantly surprised that these were blooming when they had only been transplanted for a couple of months.

*This is a spot by my porch. One of the not so good things about our yard, well, it's good for the house, not so much for the flower gardens; Trees! We have tons & tons of trees, which means lots of shade! Which also means, so hard to find flowers locally that do well in full shade. But, I have slowly been finding them and getting them in.
 The old wagon wheel, has always been here. The washboard, rusty bucket, watering can and other bucket (on the right) I picked up at yard sales.

This is the other side of the porch. I put chicken wire down to keep the cats from turning it back into their litter box. And it has helped so much. I have tried all kinds of things to keep the cats out of my flower beds and nothing has worked, but the chicken wire has. Then I took a couple of wood stumps that I found out & about and put them in. The metal bucket, is an old ice cream freezer that I put some flowers in. The curvy tree stump, (actual tree, not stump) is our Trumpet Vine. It is the coolest thing. During the winter, it looks like just an old dead tree and in the spring, it starts coming back to life. Mr. Hubs said it is probably close to 60 years old!

The red planter, is a terracotta planter and I spray painted it with cherry bomb, glitter paint. I will have to do more pictures where you can see the glitter better.

So, there are some updates on my first projects. I will continue to post updates on the flower beds as they begin to bloom & grow more.

Hope you all have had a great day and come back soon!
Until we meet again! Pam

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