Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spoke Too Soon

Yesterday I talked about how I had been having a good week and how it made me feel when King Counselor told me I was doing a great job.
Well, 2 nights in a row Mr. Ex made me feel like I was the crappiest mother on
earth...or I should say he thinks I am the crappiest mother on earth.
Let me set things up for you a little...Prince Krusher is in Marching Band this
year. Well, this week has been band camp; They start at 8 a.m. and go until
8:30 p.m., we have to supply lunch and water for the day and they furnish dinner.
Well at 7:30, Wednesday morning, Prince Krush called and told me he had left his lunch at his dad's house and could I bring him lunch. I asked him what time and told him I would be there. About a 1/2 hour later he texted me and asked if I
could bring it sooner because he had no water and needed some. So, I hurried and fixed his lunch, grabbed about 4 bottles of water and ran it to him.
About 6 that night, Mr. Ex called just going right insane--Why didn't you come get his lunch and take it to him? I can't believe he has gone ALL day without food & water!!!  REALLY?!!! Do you really think I would do that to my child?
12 hours with no food or water?! Please give me a break! I took him lunch!
Well what did you take him, since his is still here on the table? Why would I drive 10 miles out of my way to go to your house and get his lunch when I have everything for his lunch here at my house. Oh, that makes sense. No shit
Then today, he was at my house when Prince Kenard, Princess Shaney & I came
home from doing some shopping. Well he came to the back of my car where there was a brand new 39" tv in the back of it. He just starts going off, Oh I hope you haven't spent all that money and I really hope you have some to buy Prince
Krusher new school clothes! Again, REALLY?!! I hold up the 2 bags of clothes that I had just bought and then proceeded to inform him, I did not buy the tv, 
Prince Kenard did with HIS money and it was his NOT mine!!!
I don't know why the hell he is so worried about whether or not the kids have new clothes for school or not, he doesn't pay for them.
I had gone to Nevada last weekend and had won just under $1000, I have not spent one dime on me, it has all gone on the kids to get them ready for school. That is exactly what I told Mr. Hubs when I won it, that now I knew how I was getting clothes for the kids for school.
I mean, there are a couple of things I wanted real bad and I looked and compared
prices and shopped around. Then, I decided if there was enough left over after school shopping was done, I would get 1 of the things I wanted. There was, but not enough to get the 1 thing I wanted the most. So I have stashed what was left and am going to start saving until I have enough to get the one thing I want the most...a new camera! The one I want is about $1,100. If I was the crappy mother he thinks I am, I could have take that money and got a new camera and made him buy school clothes, which never would have happened, they would have gone without before he bought them clothes. So, they have their clothes and I have to wait a little longer on my camera. But what is the big deal? I have been waiting for 2 years to get a new camera, another 2-3 months isn't going to kill me!
All that matters is they have new clothes and are ready to start school!
Until We Meet Again! Pam

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