Thursday, February 13, 2014

Huge Step!

It's been a hard week. On February 2, Princess Shaney had another friend she used to go to school with, try to commit suicide. And it turned into a pretty sad and bad ordeal. I will maybe talk about that another time. She had moved to California about a year ago and was constantly bullied.

On Tuesday night, one of my friends put together a candle light vigil for all of the kids that had gone to school with her, friends and family that still live in this area and just anyone who wanted to attend. There were about 200 people that showed up, most of them were Jr. High & High School kids. Those that knew her talked about her and shared memories of her. Then some of the kids talked about their experiences with bully and suicide attempts. That's when Princess Shaney made her huge step.
She talked about how she has been bullied her whole life at home and at school, she talked about how she didn't think anyone would care if she was dead and how she had attempted suicide twice. She told of how when her other friend had
committed suicide and the ripple effect it had and how many people it affected, not just her family, but tons of people. She talked about how now she knows there are a lot of who love and care about her and would really struggle if she wasn't here.
I was so proud of her. That is the first time she has talked about it with people she didn't know and kids she hasn't seen in about a year. That is one of the biggest steps to take in getting better, not to hide things, but to put them out there and deal with them openly and honestly.
So, things are getting better and better every day.

 This is Princess Shaney (on the right) and her best friend

I am so glad things are finally getting better!

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  1. I'm so glad things are getting better for her. xo