Saturday, February 15, 2014

Really? Why do you have to be that way?

Can I just say how tired I am, that when you  are home, you control the remote.
Why is that? I can be in the middle of a program and you come home, pick up the remote, walk over sit in your chair (that no one else can sit in when you are home) and start flipping through channels until you find what you want to watch. It doesn't matter what it is; American Pickers, The Weather Channel, golf, some old western, basketball, soccer, tennis, boxing, and on and on.
But what really, really irritates me is when you have to watch old games. Oh wait, classic games. Games from any where to 1970 something to early 2000's.
Here it is, the beginning of NASCAR season, I have the remote and just because I am on my laptop when you come home, you take the remote and change the channel and start watching Golf!
It's NASCAR! It's what I have been waiting for since November. It's what I have been marking off on my calendar since the first of this month! I know it's not
technically an official race. But it's my sport! Its' just practice for next week's race and there is an actual race on tonight. But again, not a race that actually counts toward the whole season. But, it is my sport. I know you would rather watch golf or whatever other sport is on. I know there are no cars on the track right now, because they are doing pre-race season stuff. But, it's my sport! I like to try and get caught up on things that have happened in the off season, without always having to get online to see what has been going on.
I don't mind watching golf, when my Little Irishman (Graeme McDowell) is playing. I absolutely hate watching basketball with you, because all you do is yell at the t.v. and go right insane. I hate how you have to rewind the t.v. to show me a shot on anything you are watching, and say: did you see that? watch this! Really? I don't care and I really hate when you do that!

Do you have a favorite sport or even t.v. show that you like to watch, but can't when your spouse or significant other is around because they have to be in charge of the remote?
Til We Meet Again! Pam

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  1. We don't do much TV at our house, but maybe part of the reason is because the remote is always lost!