Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quite a bit New Today

So today, I did quite a bit. I am very proud of myself. I got showered, got dressed and did my hair. I went grocery shopping, did dishes. I went to the bank, came home, cooked dinner. I actually cooked! Then, I did the dinner dishes. I never do dishes twice a day! In fact, oldest son, "you're doing the dishes again? what is with that?" I told him I was tired of getting up to dirty dishes in the sink.
Now, the comment I made; I actually cooked, Well, the ex was here the other night and I was in the kitchen and he came in to talk to me. I told him daughter #1 wanted him to make spaghetti for her the next night while he had the kids. He says, "I don't know how to make spaghetti!" I told him, brown your hamburger, open a jar of spaghetti sauce & cook your noodles! Then he wanted to know what the hell happened to me, because I used to be such a good cook.
I thought about that the rest of the night and you know, (unfortunately) he was right. I cooked every thing ! And even from scratch! I always made homemade spaghetti and lasagna. None of this jar or frozen stuff. I cooked breakfast every morning so the kids had a good meal to start school with. When the ex & I  first separated, I was working 2 part time jobs and still cooked and cleaned and took care of my kids. Now I don't do any of that. So, when I have a good day, I am very excited.
So, my plan now is too: 1-fix breakfast for the kids at least twice a week. 2-I am going to start cooking more   often; I mean, really cooking no more frozen dinners. Over the last couples of months I have found new recipes and cooked them and my family has loved them. So, I am just going to start doing it more.
3- I am going to start cleaning more. 4- Start making job charts and sticking to them. 5-Start making  "to do" lists. I know that I do much better (and get more done) when I have those lists. 6- I AM going to start working more on my photography. 7- I know that if I do these things I will be able to accomplish the most important thing; I will be a better person which will make me a better mom.
Well, I guess that is all for now. Talk soon!
Til we meet again!

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